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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy in NJ - So You Can Live Pain-Free

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has made headlines, often because it is favored by elite athletes to help them recover from injury.

PRP therapy can help injured joints and tendons heal. It uses parts of your own blood to reduce pain and inflammation and speed up healing.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Facts and Information

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a non-sugical treatment that relieves pain by promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions. The PRP procedure uses a patient’s own blood components and growth factors to stimulate a healing response in damaged tissues.

The body’s natural reaction to an injury is to send platelets and white blood cells from the blood to the damaged tissues to initiate healing. Your body’s platelets store numerous growth factors which are released through signals from the injured tissues.

New advancements in medicine now allow us to concentrate platelets and white blood cells from your own blood and encourage growth factor release as we inject the solution directly into injured tissue, simulating this same healing response in a much more potent form. By enhancing the body’s natural healing capacity, this treatment has been shown to lead to a more rapid, more efficient, and more thorough restoration of the tissue to a healthy state.

Can Platelet Rich Plasma Help Me?

PRP may help if you have: meniscus tears in your knee. Rotator cuff tears in your shoulder. Plantar fasciitis in your foot. PRP therapy can also promote the healing process from injuries in your spine, hips or elbows.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma

Parts of your body have a hard time healing. For example, ligaments and tendons (they connect bones and muscles) don’t get much blood from the body. Sprains and strains of these tissues heal slowly. PRP uses your own blood to speed up the healing in these areas.

What Happens During Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Creating the Mix

The process begins with a sample of your blood. It is spun around in a centrifuge. This separates it into platelets, plasma, and red and white blood cells. The platelets are then concentrated and mixed with some of the plasma. This mixture is called “platelet rich plasma.” The doctor injects this into the site of your injury.


After the injection, your immune system (the system that keeps your body healthy) reacts quickly. Special white blood cells called “macrophages” rush in. They take away damaged cells. They help prep the site for healing. Then, stem cells and other cells begin to multiply. Over time, they repair and rebuild the injured tissues.


The PRP process is quick. You can go home the same day. It may help your injury heal faster. PRP can help treat and eliminate the cause of your pain. Some people need more than one treatment before they heal completely.

Possible Conditions

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